Hardin Scientific, inc.

Smart Lab Equipment

Detailed Reports, Access Control, Predictive Maintenance as Powerful or Costeffective to fit your Laboratory

Detailed Reports

chedule automatic reports for use, energy consumption, and calibration/maintenance reminders. Track laboratory productivity and expenses without effort!

Access Control

Use customized permissions to protect your samples and data. No more passwords on a sticky note! Log in with your phone’s biometrics or your existing RFID.

Predictive Maintenance

Know when to replace modules with push-notifications.
Plug-and-Play Repairs, No downtime!


Hardin Scientific is at the forefront of technological advancement.
We provide the highest quality tools and materials for exponential discovery and collaboration of the greatest minds.

Life Science is arduous, we make it easier. With automated regulatory compliance and eliminating equipment turnover, we design equipment to save you time and money. Hardin Scientific was established to fill the technological void that is crippling the life science community. By leveraging the newest and greatest materials, components, and software, we are dedicated to increasing laboratory productivity and decreasing repetition and expenses.

Laboratory automation is not a new concept, nor is the concept of modularity. However, by aligning with your goals as a scientist we developed the most powerful laboratory platform that promises the dawn of a new era for scientific discovery and precision biotechnology.

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Eliminate Equipment Turnover

Basic temperature portable module. Operating range: room temp to +50°C. Accuracy ±0.02°C

Basic temperature portable module with high heat sterilization mode. Operating range: room temp to +180°C. Accuracy ±0.02°C

Advanced temperature portable module with high heat sterilization mode. Operating range: +3°C to +180°C. Accuracy ±0.02°C

Carbon dioxide portable module. Operating range: 0% to 30%. Accuracy ±0.05%

Relative humidity portable module. Operating range: 0 to 99.9%. Accuracy ±3%

Oxygen portable module. Operating range: 0% to 30%. Accuracy ±3%

Nitrogen dioxide portable module. Operating range: 0ppm to 20ppm. Accuracy ±0.2ppm

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Automated AI enabled equipment management, calibration schedules, and data logging. Detailed session scheduling for circadian simulations, environmental studies, and the most demanding requirements.


Control the entire laboratory from the powerful user-based browser portal. Analyze your laboratory productivity, experiments, and equipment usage. Change any aspect of your equipment without leaving your desk.


Eliminate late-night and weekend visits to the laboratory. Log in and check your equipment on-the-go from your mobile device. Make changes, view status, or lock-out your device from anywhere in the world with your smart phone and tablet.